Photo credit: Nicola Gell

Photo credit: Nicola Gell

Austin, Texas-based Reddening West writes music that is infused with originality and displays genuine craftsmanship, like something that was built and made for a commission. With a singular vision in mind, it is full of purpose, its handiwork proudly showing. They write songs that are the perfect soundtrack for a road trip out west, where you find yourself staring out the windows as the foliage whips by and the mountains remain ever present. The music echoes and rolls. There’s something unusually tight about this group’s performance, and for so few instruments, a strong sense of richness - a lush and full sound.

For bordering on folk, there’s nothing “folksy” about Reddening West. Gold Flake Paint remarks that “like the long, drawn-out days of Texas that so many of us are left only to imagine, there’s a palpable sense of subtle recline that emanates from every considered dash of instrumentation, every gap left between words.” Reddening West’s “honest, heartbreaking” music (Dimestore Saints) embodies the varied origins of its members and influences: the vast Pacific Northwest, the sea-washed shores of Ireland, and the quiet and arid American Southwest, from Arizona to Texas. Their music is rich, textural, and expansive, reflective of the landscapes and geographies that have inspired it. 

There is no need, however, to be anyplace with dramatic scenery to enjoy Reddening West. They paint scenes with their instruments, through their words, that can transport you from a simple living room to anywhere your heart desires. Whether it’s working your way through an emotional hurdle, or enjoying a moment of positive personal reflection, Reddening West is a band you never knew you needed - and now you won’t want to do without.

Reddening West has attracted the attention of Gold Flake Paint, The Wild Honeypie, Independent Clauses, Austin Monthly, and other regional, national, and international press outlets, positioning them as a band to watch. Their debut LP, deltas, will be released on September 21, 2018.


Written by Kelsey Simpkins

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