on and on we start again
leaves of grass or waves of wind
same old shape but a different man
fool them all, smile, shake their hands.

oh this failing fame,
sinks to nothing,
is it all that you'll ever need?

one by one y’all push against
the aging guard though they pay the rent.
craft them all, curate your days
just so, just so, your perfect parade.

but this fleeting fame
sinks to nothing
is it all that you'll ever need?

so take me as I am
and this life unseen.
i'm here i'm calling out,
i'm all you need

we wake up, our faces on,
is this all that we'll ever need?
when the game is up, and no one cares at all,
am i all that you'll ever need?

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all songs written by reddening west
©2016 reddening west. all rights reserved.